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Brown v Ezeugwa

(First Tier Appeal - Fixed costs can be awarded on assessment; not limited to when order for costs made/agreed)



Davies v Greenway

(Appeal to SCCO - Fixed costs can be awarded on assessment and standard basis does not exclude fixed costs)



Williams v Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy [2018] EWCA Civ 852

(Where CPR 45.24 could not be used, but the court could get to the same result otherwise)


Timothy Taylor & 27 Ors v ZStage (UK) Ltd Real China Restaurant

(Following total non-use of the Portal, an agreement by way of Tomlin Order to settle damages counted as a judgment for the purposes of CPR 45.24, and the court ordered the Defendant to pay no more than portal costs under CPR 45.24(2)(c).)

The Claimant indicated they were going to appeal, but ultimately did not do so

Patel v Fortis

(The court held that CPR 45.24 applied to restrict the Claimant to no more than Portal costs where they had left the Portal unreasonably.)

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