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Sarah Robson Fixed Costs Barrister at Speaking Engagement

Sarah Robson


Fixed Costs Specialist

MOJ RTA & EL/PL Portals & Fixed Costs

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience

in dealing with fixed costs cases, including those to do with the MOJ Portals.


See the Portal & Fixed Costs Cases Index page for details of Fixed Costs case law.


Magazine Articles

Published Articles

Sarah has written a number of articles on the MOJ Portal and Fixed Costs

and often lectures on this topic.


These include:

PI Briefing

Ordered out by judge
- held to be an election to leave Portal

Click here for an article by Sarah which appeared in PI Briefing Sept 15 the case of Payne v Scott - on how she persuaded the court to find that where an earlier judge had ordered a claim out of the Portal and into Part 7 proceedings, that was still an election by the claimant to leave the portal.

Inside the Portal

Click here for an article by Sarah which appeared in Claim Magazine in December 2012 "Sarah Robson - Inside the Portal."

Claim Magazine

PI Focus

Binding nature of Portal Settlements

PI Focus June 16 - Sarah had an article published regarding accepting individual heads of loss in the Portal, and the binding nature of Portal settlements.

The Quirks of the MOJ Portal

Click here for an interview with Sarah Robson which appeared in FOIL (Forum of Insurance Lawyers) November 2012 "The Quirks of the MOJ Portal."

FOIL Magazine

Lexis Nexis Webinar

The claims Portal, Protocols and Fast Track

Click below for details of a webinar by Sarah Robson on Lexis Nexis.

Sarah Robson speaking to the Association of Costs Lawyers Conference

Speaking Engagements

Sarah is often invited to speak at events, seminars and training sessions.
She can tailor her courses to suit the audience from senior partner level to the man on the Clapham Omnibus.
Please call or email for details.

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