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Mason v Laing

The Portal rules are strict; if in a soft tissue injury claim the first report is not disclosed before subsequent ones, a Claimant cannot rely on the subsequent reports.


Greyson v Fuller

The High Court held that where the reports were served together, the sanction was costs, not the admissibility of the report.


Moesaid v Calder

Where a subsequent report took the claim out of the definition of soft tissue injury claim, it did not matter when the reports were disclosed, the special rules on soft tissue injuries did not apply.


Abdulmalik v Calder

There was no requirement for the first report to be disclosed before the second report was obtained, only disclosed.  However,  compliance with the order of disclosure required did not mean that the cost of the report would automatically be allowed - the court could still disallow it for other reasons.  The time to consider whether the claim was a soft tissue injury claim was when the second report was being disclosed.

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