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A claim which should never have been brought in the MOJ Portal did not attract SIIIA fixed costs

Petit v MIB & 5 Ors

DJ Pollard, Brighton CC, 15.02.17

This claim started in the MOJ RTA Portal Protocol, but should not have done. The accident occurred on 18 Oct 2011 when the Portal upper limit was £10,000. The Portal upper limit was changed to £25,000 for all accidents which happened after 31 July 2013, and the new Protocol applied to all claims where the CNF was submitted after that date too. In this case the CNF was submitted on 19 Sept 2014. Thus the claim was subject to the new Protocol, but the old upper limit, a point which eluded the claimant solicitors at the time. The MIB objected to the claim being brought in the MOJ Portal protocol because of its value stated on the CNF to be between £10,000 - £25,000. The claim was later removed from the Portal for that very reason and Part 7 proceedings were brought.

The Defendant sought to limit the Claimant's costs to fixed costs under SIIIA of CPR 45. However the court disagreed, finding that as the claim had not 'properly' started in the MOJ Portal Protocol, SIIIA costs did not follow.

Please note it has not yet been possible to obtain a copy of the approved judgment, however the link below is to the draft transcript agreed by both counsel in the case.

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