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A stay is an essential pre-requisite for an interim payment

Luvin v Ageas Insurance Ltd

DJ Doyle, Birkenhead CC, 17th September 2015

The Claimant solicitors sought an interim payment in the Portal and £1013.50 was paid. The Claimant wanted more, but the Defendant would not agree.  The Claimant therefore removed the claim from the Portal and applied for a further interim payment in Part 7 proceedings.  If a Claimant leaves the Portal because they disagree with the amount of any interim payment the Defendant offers, they may leave the Portal to issue Part 7 proceedings and seek an interim payment in the Part 7 proceedings.  However to do so puts them at a costs risk, because if they do not secure an order for an interim payment for more than the sum which the Defendant offered in the Portal, then they can be restricted to Portal costs.

The court found that requesting a stay was a pre-requisite of applying for an interim payment.  The Claimant had not done so, and therefore they were not entitled to request an interim payment in the Portal.  Therefore the Claimant's decision to leave the Portal was unreasonable.  The Claimant was restricted to Portal costs.

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