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Key Point

Late acceptance of

a Part 36 offer


CPR 45 Fixed Costs

Hislop v Perde;Kaur v Committee (for the time being) of Ramgarhia Board Leicester

[2018] EWCA Civ 1726

Costs consequences of acceptance of a Part 36 offer are prescribed in CPR 36.13. However, not when a claim is governed by SIIIA, i.e. it was previously in the Portal, because CPR 36.20 operates INSTEAD not as well as 36.13. CPR 36.20 does not disapply fixed costs where there has been late acceptance. CPR 45.29J costs are still available but are unaffected by late acceptance alone.

At para 44 of the judgment it says:

Whilst the general rule dealing with costs consequences following judgment (r.36.17) is expressly preserved by the particular rule relating to the fixed costs regime (r.36.21), that is not the position in relation to the rules relating to the costs consequences of accepting Part 36 offers before trial. For that situation, the general rule (r.36.13, old rule r.36.10) is not preserved by the rule applicable to fixed costs cases (r.36.20, old rule r.36.10A). Instead, r.36.20 makes plain that it is the only rule which applies to the costs consequences of acceptance of a Part 36 offer in fixed costs cases. It preserves no part of the general rule set out in r.36.13.

45. What is more, r.36.13 itself says that it is “subject to” r.36.20 which, because that rule applies to fixed costs cases and r.36.13 does not, also leads to the conclusion that r.36.13 does not apply to fixed costs cases. Where (without more) a general rule is made ‘subject to’ a specific rule that governs a particular class of case then, in that class of case (here, those subject to fixed costs), it will be the specific rule that applies, not the general rule (see Solomon).

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