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Key Point

Where there are two claimants in a SIIIA fixed costs claim, each claimant is entitled to a separate award of fixed costs

Melloy & Anor v UK Insurance Ltd

[2022] EW Misc 4 (CC)

The court had to consider what costs to award two claimants where they had brought separate claims in the portal, but a joint claim in Part 7 proceedings.

At [10], HHJ Glen held that 'claim' and 'claimant' refer to the claim started by, and the claimant who submitted the CNF, rather than to the claim or claimant in the proceedings. He derived support for this position from West v Burton [2021] EWCA Civ 1005, where the court found that the executor of a claimant who had died after Portal proceedings had commenced was not 'the claimant' for the purposes of fixed costs on leaving the Portal.

Therefore, he concluded that where there were two or more claimants in proceedings for damages that fall within SIIIA of CPR 45, assuming each had submitted a CNF, were separately entitled to all the costs set out in Table 6B.

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