Sarah Robson Barrister - Chapman v Tameside Hospital
Chapman v Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
DJ Swindley, Bolton County Court, 15th June 2016

Here the court considered whether when awarding costs under SIIIA CPR 45 fixed costs on leaving the portal, there was any discretion to award a different level of costs from the point which the claim had actually reached.  The court found that it did have discretion, at [18] the judge said:

"I am satisfied that the provisions of Rule 44.2 can be applied.  It would be a nonsensical situation if the rules which are provided by Rule 44.2 to give the Court the power to impose sanctions to penalise those who abuse the system, and clearly there has been abuse here by the Trust and possibly by the Litigation Authority initially representing them. I am certainly not suggesting that Weightmans have been dealing with it improperly, they are obviously having to deal with what information they are supplied. But it would be a nonsensical situation if the rules, in an appropriate case where the fixed costs regime did apply, precluded the Court from imposing the sanctions provided under Rule 44.2 and 44.2, of course, gives the Court an unqualified discretion. I do not accept that I am bound by the Part 45 scales, but I clearly have to bear them in mind. It would be nonsensical if the Claimant's solicitors could achieve a windfall and recover more costs than they would have done had the matter gone to trial or settled in favour of the Claimant at the stage that it was discontinued. That would be absolutely nonsensical."

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