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Geographical Area Covered:

The yellow circle shows the courts that she works in.  Sarah is closest to courts around the Coventry / Northampton / Milton Keynes / Birmingham / Leicester / Reading area, but also regularly travels to Birkenhead, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol and London. 

Please call for details on 
0800 634 9650

Practice Areas: 
Sarah is a general civil practitioner, although mainly practices in Costs and Personal Injury, particularly matters to do with the MOJ Portal.


As a working Mum, Sarah tries very hard not to work on Fridays.  Her young children will tell you "Fridays are Mummy's Day".  (They will also tell you Saturdays are '' days!)  Sarah will answer urgent telephone enquiries on Fridays, but prefers not to be in court.

Sarah practices at:

Alpha Court Chambers 

Alpha Court Chambers

DO NOT use for sending papers
12 Paddock Close, 
Warwickshire, B50 4PJ.
DO NOT use for sending papers

Solicitor clients should ring for her postal address for payment and papers if they are not on the DX.