Sarah Robson Barrister - Snowmaggedon!

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Mandy In Listing

Sarah needs your help to get 
(of Twitter fame) safely home in the snow to her sherry.



Mandy has seen the weather forecast, so she wants to leave court early.  Gosh there's so much snow, even Father Christmas is darting around with Rudolph!  The judges are trying to stop her leave early so they can stay and finish their lists. 

Can you help @MandyinListing to get home safely in all this snow by throwing snowballs at the judges, or will she have to stay at court all day?  Don't hit Mandy or you will lose points.

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Your email address is only required to submit your score, they are not stored.  The leaderboard does not use cookies but 'flash local storage'.  You could call these 'biscuits' if you like.  Mandy says they go nicely with sherry.  By entering your name and email address to the leaderboard, you consent to the use of your details for this purpose.  

Image of Mandy used under licence from Clip Art LLC and by kind agreement of Mandy herself.