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Sarah Robson barristerSarah Robson
Call: 2002 


Sarah Robson has a General Civil Litigation practice, covering all areas of civil law, including tort, contract, insolvency, commercial, probate, employment and chancery matters.
Sarah has a particular interest in Personal Injury cases, with particular emphasis on:

  • Wrongful exit from the MOJ Portal,
  • Costs, 
  • Premature issue, 
  • Breach of the Personal Injury Pre-action Protocol and
  • Breach of Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct.

Portal Test Cases

Sarah frequently deals with Portal test and is quite the expert on complex Portal matters and cases of 'wrongful fall-out' from the MOJ Portal.
  • Sarah takes cases on both the fast track and multi-track.
  • Sarah's expertise does not stop at Personal Injury!  She is also adept at dealing with all civil litigation matters. She enjoys all civil litigation and particularly enjoys Contractual and Commercial matters.
General Civil Litigation
Sarah Robson is a barrister in the East Midlands with a fully civil practice based in Daventry, Northamptonshire.
She undertakes multi-track and fast track cases, including appeals, judicial reviews, detailed assessments, disposals, trials and interim applications. 
If you have a civil litigation matter concerning premature issue, conduct, breach of the pre-action protocol or any costs issue, Sarah Robson is the barrister for you.
As well as being an excellent civil litigation advocate for all your multi- track and fast-track court hearings, she also deals with drafting and advisory work. Sarah represents both claimants and defendants - she feels working for both sides gives her a better understanding of how the other side are likely to run a case. 
Sarah is familiar with the tactics of claimant solicitors who repeatedly breach the MOJ Portal Protocol, the Pre-action Protocol and who issue claims prematurely, and is adept at dealing all cases of premature issue.   
Sarah is also adept at dealing with all civil litigation matters both at fast track and multi-track level.


  • Although an East Midlands based barrister, Sarah Robson appears in both High Courts and County Courts across much of Central England and Wales, covering from Leeds to London,
  • Cardiff to Norwich for fast track matters.  Please enquire for multi-track cases. 
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Reported Cases for Sarah Robson Barrister
See 'Reported Cases' and 'MOJ Portal' for details of some of Sarah's particular successes, 

e.g. :

  • Modhwadia v Modwadia (technical breach in Portal)
  • Draper v Newport (Mistake in Portal)
  • Kilby v Brown (MOJ costs)
  • Davies v Greenway (MOJ costs)
  • Jarosz v Nabgalay (costs)
  • McNiven v Walsh (conduct)
  • Ghattorya v Bailey (miscellaneous expenses)
  • Harwood v Kapek (miscellaneous expenses)
  • Pathak v Collins (conduct)
  • Dominic v Martin (MOJ Appeal)
  • Patel v Fortis Insurance (MOJ Portal Test case)
  • Uppal v (MOJ Portal Test case) 
  • v Ellis (conduct)
  • Newham Borough Council v Stratford Magistrates (liability orders)
  • Jamil v Harling (conduct)
  • Chantelle Smith v Irving (conduct)
MOJ Portals
Sarah has a great deal of experience in MOJ Portal fall-out / wrongful exit cases.  

Awards & Scholarships
  • Sarah was awarded the London University Prize for Distinguished Exam Performance in her LLB (Hons) (1999).
  • Sarah received a major award from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple for her Bar School year (2001).
  • Sarah received a major award from her Bar School, the University of the West of England (2001).
  • Sarah Robson was voted No 1 top barrister for Berrymans Lace Mawer's RTA fast track team in Manchester.
  • Sarah is an experienced advocate with a strong reputation in court. 
  • Sarah is known for her thorough preparation, and for providing detailed and practical advice. Solicitors often comment how they have never seen counsel so well prepared.
  • Sarah is the top counsel for wrongful fall-out cases from the MOJ Portal.
  • Sarah knows costs, premature issue and breaches of the pre-action protocol inside out. 

  • Why not call and ask to speak to her to find out what Sarah can do for you? That case you hate in the bottom of your cupboard.  We know it's there. Sarah can help. 
  • Come to the expert and make sure you get it right first time - every time.
  • Sarah Robson does not have a clerk - she does not need one.  Virtually all her business comes from repeat clients and because solicitors do not want to go anywhere else once they have seen how Sarah works and how good she is. 
  • Solicitors can talk directly to Sarah when they book a case and often benefit from discussing the case with her at that point.  There is usually time then to take steps to strengthen your case, whereas where a clerk has taken the booking it is often too late by the time counsel receive papers for a hearing.
  • It is not unusual for MOJ Portal cases, Conduct cases, Premature issue and cases concerning breach of the Practice Direction on pre-action conduct or breach of the pre-action protocol to settle once the other side here that Sarah Robson is the barrister on your side.
  • Sarah is married to the children's author, Mark Robson, and has two children.
  • Sarah enjoys (including virtual on the Wii) Air Hockey and Thai Cooking.  She is very competitive!
  • Sarah is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in TAGB Taekwondo, a Qualified Instructor   Umpire.  She is   'Dangerous' - both in and out of court!  
Sarah Robson Barrister is a black belt in Taekwondo yet is scared of spiders!
(However, she is still a little bit afraid of spiders!)
Please use the contact form or 
Tel: 0800 634 9650 

NB Sarah Robson is not a Direct Access Barrister - Members of the public should not telephone but see a solicitor
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